Training and Development

Compendium of Learning and Development Quizzes

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Everyone loves a good quiz! And people at work are no exception.

The quizzes in Sarah Cook's collection encourage people to share information with one another, reflect on their learning, knowledge and understanding, test their skills and their ability to apply techniques or ideas. There are quizzes about personal skills and attitudes, processes and procedures, even about your workplace or your colleagues.

The majority of the quizzes include suggested answers. Use or adapt the quizzes:

  • For almost any stage of a group training session (pre- and post-course or during the event)
  • As part of a one-to-one coaching session
  • To enable someone to reflect on their own
  • To encourage individuals or workgroups to combine their brainpower and exercise their creativity
  • As part of teambuilding, away days or social events, with prizes for the winners.

Compendium of Learning and Development Quizzes will encourage people to take part in development, talk to each other, memorize ideas and techniques and thoroughly enjoy themselves while they are doing so.


'Having read through all the quizzes and completed a couple of self assessment exercises I found the book to be very useful.'

Institute of Training and Occupational Learning, October 2003

'This is an excellent resource for a trainer's toolkit since the range of areas included covers most of the training and learning areas in common use today.

...Well recommended (Ratings: Innovation ****; Content *****; Clarity *****; Overall recommendation ****; Value for money ****)

Training Journal, January 2004

'It has a simple organisation that will be easy to use... a very useful training tool.'

Electronic Library, Feb 04

Contents Preface; Matrix; Action centred leadership; Assertiveness; Body language; Coaching skills; Coaching styles; Conflict management; Counselling skills; Creative problem solving; Customer care; Delegation; Disciplinary and grievance interviews; Diversity; Emotional intelligence; Empowerment; Facilitation skills; Feedback skills; Handling difficult customer situations; Health and safety; Induction; Influencing skills; Interviewing poor performers; Leadership styles; Learning styles; Listening skills; Managing change; Meeting skills; Mentoring skills; Motivating others; Negotiation skills; One-to-one

Author: Sarah Cook
Publisher: Gower
ISBN: 0-566-08540-2
Price: £60 including carriage

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