Personal Effectiveness


We provide tailor-made development programmes to help individuals use their personal resource in a flexible way to reach outstanding performance.

Organisations rely on the effectiveness of their people to create and build a successful business.  Now more than ever individuals need to use their personal resources to maximise their efficiency and effectiveness.

Our expertise lies in helping people at all levels to identify their personal strengths and areas of development, to enhance their skills and maximise their impact.

The Stairway Framework for Personal EffectivenessIncreasing your effectiveness

The Stairway framework for developing effectiveness involves increasing self awareness, helping individuals set SMART goals and outcomes for improving their effectiveness, choosing approaches to reach these goals, taking action and reviewing outcomes.

The Personal Effectiveness training programmes we design and deliver are bespoke to each organisation and participants’ individual development needs.

We place great emphasis on individuals taking personal responsibility for their own development. The personal development activities we design and deliver centre on work-place assignments, 360 degree feedback, facilitated workshops, action learning groups, one to one coaching, e-learning and the development and review of personal action plans.

We often begin our interventions by helping individuals to increase their understanding of what they are like, what their key skills and behaviours are and what is the impact of their behaviours on others. We use 360 degree feedback and a range of diagnostic tools such as MBTI, SDI, Belbin, Prism, Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I), Thomas PSS, Insights and FIRO-B to help individuals in this process.Personal Effectivenss Training

By increasing individual's self awareness we are then able to set realistic goals to build on their strengths and identify  development areas.

Personal Effectiveness Training

To see a selection of some of the personal effectiveness training we deliver and which we can tailor to your organisation click here.  For further information email us or call on 01628 526 535.

Executive Coaching

At The Stairway Consultancy we have experience of providing Executive Coaching to a wide range of individuals in the public, private and third sector. All our coaches hold Certificates and Diplomas in Coaching Practice and are experienced and results-orientated. Executive coaching provides a personal opportunity for individuals to discuss their development issues on a one-to-one basis together with an experienced, professional coach. Conducted in confidence at a time and place to suit the recipient, executive coaching sessions follow the individual's agenda.

Normally focused around issues of leadership and often linked to 360 degree and psychometric feedback, such as Emotional Intelligence, executive coaching takes place over an agreed period.  During this time we help the manager set their own development goals and provide impartial advice and feedback in achieving them. Contact the Stairway Consultancy

The executive coaching we provide is often linked to the Leadership Development Programmes that we run. Please see Leadership Programmes.

We also run bespoke coaching workshops to increase the competence and confidence of managers in coaching other people at work. Please see Coaching to Improve Performance.

For further information email us or call on 01628 526535.

Talent Management

Talent management is crucial to the success of any organisation.  Organisations need talented employees to ensure the delivery of long term competitive advantage through their people.Talent management programmes At Stairway we can help you identify how to attract, identify, develop and retain skilled individuals We provide consultancy and workshops based on best practice in these areas.

We use the AIDeR approach to help businesses produce a comprehensive talent management  structure.

Consultancy in Talent Management

At Stairway we offer consultancy in all aspects of Talent Management. This includes how to:

• Design and facilitate leadership  potential development centres and assessment centres
• Evaluate and develop performance management systems
• Design and implement coaching and mentoring programmes

For further information email us or call on 01628 526535.

HR/Learning and development consultancy

We have over twenty years' experience in the area of HR, Learning and Development and Consultancy. We offer professional advice, one to one coaching and training workshops to find out more about our offerings for the HR and L & D professionals, click here.

Publications on Personal Effectiveness, Talent Management and Learning and Development

Please click here to access the articles we have had published on the topic of personal effectiveness, talent management and learning and development.

For further information email us or call on 01628 526535.

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