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We offer expert training and consultancy in how to engender and sustain a customer-focused organisation. Our experience in customer experience shows that what happens inside the organisation in terms of leadership, internal service quality and employee engagement translates into outstanding customer satisfaction, retention, profit and value.creating a winning service culture

Consultancy and Training in Customer Experience

In order to help your organisation put the customer at the heart of your business, we provide consultancy and training in customer experience. We help businesses establish their priorities for customer experience via analysis of Business Imperatives for Customer Experience. We work with senior management teams to ensure that there is Top Team Clarity for Customer Experience and that leadership behaviours are aligned to customer-centric values. We also help organisations to design and utilise Customer Experience Measurement that allows them to track customer satisfaction and retention. We have wide experience of helping businesses to ensure they have Customer Experience Driven Processes.

A large part of our work centres on Customer Experience Training. We have wide experience of developing peoples' customer experience skills, attitudes and behaviours via our comprehensive range of customer experience training and development. This includes customer experience training for leaders, managers and front line staff on a wide range of topics including complaint handling training.

We recognise that Communication around Customer Experience is a key element in Sustaining Culture Change in Customer Experience. We provide advice in this area as well as methods for Reward and Recognition in Customer Experience.

Ultimately we know employees who deliver the brand have a long lasting impact on customer perception, customer retention and loyalty. We work with businesses around the topic of Brand Alignment and Vision and Values for Customer Experience and providing consultancy, training and advice particularly in delivering Customer Experience in a Recession.

We also organise and facilitate Customer Experience Forums and Study Tours for a wide range of organisations in the service sector. These help share best practice and new ideas around customer experience.

For further information on our customer experience consultancy and training email us or call on 01628 526 535

Service Leadership™

It is commonly acknowledged that the quality of leadership in a service organisation influences the service orientation of its people.

Stairway offer specially designed service leadership programmes aimed at increasing the customer orientation of leaders in service organisations. We use the principle of the service value chain (developed by Professors Schlesinger, Heskett and Sasser of Harvard Business School) to illustrate the pivotal role service leaders' play in creating value and growth for the organisation.service leadership programmes

We work collaboratively with service leaders to design leadership interventions which enhance service leaders' skills, attitudes and behaviours. For further information on our Service Leadership™ training courses please contact us or call on 01628 526 535.Contact the Stairway Consultancy

Customised customer experience training

We offer a wide range of customer experience training programmes designed for managers, front-line and support staff. All our training is tailored to the specific organisation and designed to bring about improvement in customer satisfaction and retention. Our training is is customised to the organisational environment and results orientated. To see the comprehensive range of customer experience training we design and deliver, click on Customer Experience Training.

Customer experience publications

Stairway has written a large number of books, manuals, toolkits, articles and DVDs on the topic of customer experience. To view our wide range of publications, click on Customer Experience Books and Articles.

Customer Experience Podcasts

Watch the latest Stairway podcasts to discover practical tips on how to ensure customer satisfaction in a recession and how to delight your customers.




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