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Contact The Stairway ConsultancyWe provide tailor-made leadership and management development training courses aimed at senior, middle and first line leaders and managers.

Leadership skills are more critical than ever in influencing the attainment of organisational goals. Stairway adopts a results-orientated approach to leadership development. We use a mixture of practical application and experiential learning to drive behavioural change and improve business performance.

The leadership programmes we design are bespoke to each organisation, strongly linked to its vision, strategy and values and include both behavioural and skills development.

We place great emphasis on individuals taking personal responsibility for their own development. The leadership development activities we design and deliver adopt a blended learning approach. This includes work-place assignments, 360 degree feedback, facilitated workshops, action learning groups, one to one coaching, webinairs, e-learning and the development and review of personal action plans.

Typically our Leadership Development Programmes encompass three aspects:

Leadership-self,others,the business


Leadership Intelligences Compass™

We often use the Leadership Intelligences Compass™ as a diagnostic framework and to help us develop leaders' skills, knowledge and behaviours. This is a model that helps identify leaders' development gaps which fall into the following four areas:SQ, EQ, PQ, BQ

SQ - Spiritual Intelligence represents the areas of self awareness and self development.

EQ - Emotional Intelligence comprises the interpersonal qualities needed to build effective relationships.

PQ - Political Intelligence represents the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to influence and negotiate effectively with others.

BQ - Business Intelligence are the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to be commercially aware and business focused.

Developing Resilience in the Workplace

We also work with leaders on developing resilience in the workplace to better manage ambiguity and change.

Service Leadership™

It is commonly acknowledged that the quality of leadership in a service organisation influences the service orientation of its people.

Stairway offer specially designed service leadership programmes aimed at increasing the customer orientation of leaders in service organisations. We use the principle of the service value chain (developed by Professor Schlesinger, Heskett and Sasser of Harvard Business School) to illustrate the pivotal role service leaders' play in creating value and growth for the organisation.Service Value Chain

We work collaboratively with service leaders to design leadership interventions which enhance service leaders' skills, attitudes and behaviours.

For further information on how we can customise Leadership Development training for your organisation, email us or call us on 01628 526 535.

Culture Change Programmes

We have extensive experience of designing and delivering culture change programmes that bring about improvements in business performance.

Our approach typically begins with a diagnostic of where the culture of the organisation currently is and where this needs to be. In order to do this we use a culture audit that involves one to one interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and benchmarking.

Next, we help organisations to create simple and relevant values and behaviours which underpin the brand and act as a framework for employee and customer engagement. We work closely with leaders to help them role model the desired behaviours and to embed these throughout all leadership and management practices. We help businesses successfully engage employees in the culture change process.

See how we successfully helped David Lloyd Leisure


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Talent Management Programmes, Leadership Development Centres and Executive Coaching.


We have a successful track record of developing Talent Management Programmes to help increase the leadership skills of high potential individuals. See how we successfully helped William Hill to develop its talent.

We also design and facilitate assessment centres for existing and potential leaders. We also provide expert executive coaching. For more information email us or call 01628526535.

More Information and Material for Leadership Development

The Stairway Consultancy offers a range of in-depth information and training materials on and around leadership development. Follow the links below to find out more:
For more information on how we can help your organisation develop its leadership capability, please email us or call 01628526535.


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