Decision Making

Stranded at Sea

  • image description45-50 minutes
  • image description4-8 people
  • image description £25.00
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Brief Description of Activity

Team members need to imagine they are stranded at sea on a sinking ship. They need to decide the course of action to take and which items are most important to salvage. Once the team has made their decision they then compare this with the experts’ advice.

During this enjoyable activity the team need to make a decision about what course of action to take in a disaster situation as well as prioritising a list of items to salvage. They have 10 minutes to plan individually then a further 20 minutes to come to some decisions as a team. After this time they can compare their decisions with those of experts to see whether they have made the correct choice and will survive.

Contents of this instant download pack:

Facilitator’s Briefing

Activity Instructions for the team

Expert’s decision sheet

Debrief sheet

  • Communicate effectively across the team
  • Influence others with a positive impact
  • Make effective decisions as a team
  • Demonstrate strong leadership skills
  • Introduce the activity by issuing the briefing sheet to the participants
  • Observe the team as they complete the task
  • Debrief the activity using the debrief sheet as a guide