The Manager as Facilitator Video

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Peter Quarry , Mike Robson and Sarah Cook get to grips with this often indistinct and elusive management role including:

  • What does facilitation involve
  • When facilitation is - and isn't appropriate
  • Facilitating with individuals and groups
  • The ground rules, skills and process of facilitation
  • Developing your skills

The Manager as ... Video Series provides managers and team leaders with a context fo their role

  • Skills and techniques they can adopt and apply
  • An understanding of how to develop their role
  • Within their day-to-day activities as a manager

The series is ideal for:

  • Developing through learning centres
  • Pre-course preparation and post-course consolidation
  • An introduction to further devleopment
  • An instant guide to some of the key management roles

Running time : 15 minutes

The Manager As ... Video Series is also available as an 8 volume set
ISBN 9 999 99591 8