Icebreaker Riddles

  • image description20 minutes
  • image description4-10
  • image description £10.00
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Brief description of activity

Participants work as a team to solve two riddles in a limited space of time. This can only be achieved via effective communication, problem solving and cooperation across the team. This is an interactive team activity that requires participants to communicate, collaborate and problem solve effectively.

Contents of this instant download pack:

Facilitator’s Briefing Activity Instructions for the team

Answer Sheet

Debrief Sheet

  • Communicate effectively within the team
  • Build trust and cooperation across teams
  • Apply sound problem solving techniques within the team
  • Introduce the activity by issuing the instruction sheet to the team.
  • Observe the team as they complete the activity.
  • Debrief the activity using the debrief sheet as a guide.
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