Communication Skills

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With Communication Skills, you've got all the essential skills of communication covered - including much-needed skills development for the modern channels of communication that are becoming part of everyday working life. Whether you are seeking ideas to boost your existing communication skills sessions, or building a new programme from scratch, this is your ready-to-run goldmine of 22 communication training activities.

Here are NEW activities on those core skills that will always be in demand:,/p>

  • Influencing skills
  • Telephone techniques
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Team communication
  • Handling difficult people

You'll also get activities that help you cover those communication skills that can often be overlooked: tone of voice, networking, and establishing rapport with colleagues to ensure smooth working relationships. You don't have to be an expert in the new communication channels to deliver training on email, voice-mail, video and audio conferencing. You simply need to apply facilitation skills to these ready-to-run, structured activities: clear guidelines help you lead group discussions on best practice for these essential new methods of communication. Your organisation needs people who can communicate clearly and effectively - with customers, colleagues, suppliers and business contacts.

Here are 22 NEW activities to build those essential communication skills:

  • Questioning and listening skills to find out exactly what your customers need
  • Feedback and rapport building techniques to ensure smooth day-to-day work with colleagues
  • Assertiveness and influencing skills to create win-win outcomes with suppliers and colleagues
  • Networking skills to create a supportive, learning network both within and outside your organisation

Plus proven activities to keep your people bang up to date with all the new communication channels: email, voice-mail, audio and videoconferencing.

At last! Here are modern communication skills training activities - including effective use of email, voice-mail and audio conferencing - at your fingertips and ready to run!

Author: Sarah Cook
Publisher: Fenman
Cost: £189.00 including carriage

Last Updated: Monday, 08 August 2022 07:41