Business Simulations

Team Service Profit

  • image description60 minutes
  • image description4-50
  • image description £85.00
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Brief description of activity:

Teams are required to complete two very different tasks within a tight deadline to meet the customer request and in order to make a profit. Time management, strong leadership and communication skills are necessary for success in this high energy.

During this enjoyable activity the team need to complete two very different tasks for the customer. One task is creating crosswords, the other constructing a prototype of a building for the customer. The team will need to consider the skill base they have and allocate tasks accordingly. At the same time as meeting the customer’s requirement, they need to make a profit.

The team have 40 minutes to complete the two activities and present the results to the customer.

Contents of this instant download pack:

Facilitator’s Briefing

Activity Instructions for the team

Profit/Loss Reconciliation Sheet

Debrief sheet activity

  • Gain clarity on their goal
  • Manage resources to meet customer deadlines
  • Identify and use the strengths and competencies within a team
  • Communicate effectively across the team
  • Manage customer expectations
  • Deliver profitable customer service
  • Introduce the activity by issuing the briefing sheet to the participants
  • Act as the customer during the activity and observe the team as they complete the tasks
  • Debrief the activity using the debrief sheet as a guide