Sudoku Challenge

  • image description50-60 minutes
  • image description8-32
  • image description £85.00

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Brief description of activity

This is a high energy activity that requires participants to listen clearly to work collaboratively, using the strengths of the team. Their challenge is to complete a Sudoku grid. In order to do this they need to work together using the strength of the team in order to complete a series of challenges and to ensure that the correct numbers are placed in the Sudoku grid.

Participants work in small groups as well in one large team that is mutually dependent. 

Contents of this instant download pack

Facilitator’s Briefing Activity

Instructions for the team

Sudoku playing board and digits

Answer sheets for the facilitator

Debrief sheet

  • Communicate effectively within and across teams
  • Manage time and resources to reach the output they need
  • Co-operate with other teams towards a common goal
  • Create an environment that allows the group to work as a high performing team
  • Introduce the activity by issuing the briefing sheet, currency and information to the different teams
  • Observe the team as they complete the task
  • Debrief the activity using the debrief sheet as a guide