Team Recognition

  • image description1hour 45 minutes
  • image description4-8
  • image description £25.00
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Brief description of activity

Research shows that successful teams are 3 times as likely to offer recognition to each other than unsuccessful teams. This activity can be used as a stand-alone activity or as part of a team building event. It encourages each person to recognise strengths and / things that they appreciate in other people in the team. It is followed by a group and individual debrief helping people to understand the power of recognition.

This is initially a reflective activity that creates an energetic, positive and thought provoking discussion during the two debrief sessions. It requires everyone to recognise other team members/colleagues and to receive recognition by other people in the group. Participants then take part in two debrief sessions, one where they reflect on the power of recognition as a group and the second where they look at ways in which to increase the recognition they provide as an individual.

Contents of this instant download pack:

Facilitator’s Briefing
Activity Instructions for the team

  • Formulate praise and recognition for a colleague
  • Deliver praise in a meaningful and genuine way
  • Appreciate the power of recognition
  • Ensure they create genuine opportunities to praise team members in the future
  • Introduce the activity.
  • Guide the team through the 4 parts of the activity.
  • Debrief the activity using the debrief sheet as a guide.