Team Icebreaker Cards

  • image description10-20 minutes
  • image description4-120
  • image description £15.00

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Brief description of activity

The facilitator issues each person icebreaker team cards that relate to different questions around teams and the individuals who work in them. Each person responds in turn to the question on the card. In doing so, other people in the group discover more about the person and their contribution to the team.

It is suitable for teams and groups who wish to get to know each other and ‘break the ice’ at the beginning or during an event, meeting, training session or conference. It requires all participants to contribute so is an ideal activity at the start of any event involving teams. It can be run with a single team or with multiple teams or groups.

Contents of this Pack:

Facilitator’s Briefing

Team Icebreaker Cards

  • Be more aware of the different individuals that make up the team
  • Have an awareness of the teams current perspective of the teams strengths and weaknesses
  • Have a greater understanding of what makes a great team
  • Introduce the activity
  • Facilitate the process for participants to receive a team card and each answer the question on the card