Political Intelligence at Work


The aim of this course is to help you better understand political intelligence in its positive form, to help you use it to effect change and to achieve results 

Who should attend?

Managers who wish to better understand and harness political intelligence to good effect


By the end of the programme you will be able to:

• Define what is political intelligence
• Assess organisational and ego-centric politics in your organisation
• Use this knowledge to enhance your relationship with others
• Effect change and achieve results for yourself and the organisation even with people with different agendas to your own

Course Overview:

• What is political intelligence?
• Assess the politics of your organisation
• Differentiate the different political players and their motivations
• Enhancing your relationships with people of different political persuasions to yourself
• Effecting change and achieving results through others
• Practice real life political dilemmas
• Action planning

Style of the Course:The course is highly active and participative. During the workshop participants undertake activities, exercises and discussions to help them put what they learn into practice

Course Length:

One day workshop 09.00 to 17.00 with an hour for lunch

We can run this course for you in-company at favourable rates for 4 or more people. Please contact us on 01628 526535 or email us

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