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We have a wide range of ready-made team building activities which are ideal if you are facilitating your own team building event. In the Stairway Training Shop you will find a wealth of easy to use, tried and tested team games and activities that you can immediately download or have delivered. These include step by step guides of how to facilitate the training game and hold a meaningful debrief to discuss key learning points.

Our published team building material includes how to begin and end team building sessions and set the pace such as Best of Energisers and Pace Changers and Best of Icebreakers and Endings.

Our training pack 10 Top Teambuilding Games provides a wealth of team building activities that are designed to encourage team participation.

In Session Shakers and More Session Shakers you will find a variety of ways to ‘shake up’ team meetings and training sessions to ensure interactivity. If you are a trainer New Ideas for Trainers: 70 Ways to Reinvent your Training offers a wide range of team activities and insights into how to make training impactful and interactive.

For those new to facilitation Facilitation Toolkit and The Manager as Facilitator - video both help increase facilitators’ competence and confidence. In addition Managing a Virtual Team provides useful activities and exercises to use with remote teams.

Team Building Articles

Our experience in designing and delivering a wide range of team building games and activities has led us to have a number of articles published. These include general information on team building and how to build a high performing team. See Ensuring Continuing Team Effectiveness and Revitalising Teams How to stay Effective in a Changing World.

We also tackle the issue of providing feedback to a team in Creating a High Performance Culture through Effective Feedback and dealing with conflict in Managing conflict in a team.

We have also written a series of articles for Training Journal on running team building sessions and activities. This includes advice such as Being Health & Safety Conscious When Running Team Games and Buying an off the shelf Game. Other articles in this series covered the topics of Designing Your Own Training Games and Observing Games in Action.

We have also included practical tips based on our wide experience of running team activities via articles such as Relating Team Games to the Workplace, How to deal with "But this is only a Team Building Game, not Real Life"Managing and Developing High Performance Teams and What to do if a Team Game Goes Wrong.

Facilitators of team building games and activities will also find useful help and advice in Providing Feedback during Team Game Activities, Using Facilitator Skills when running a Team Event and Preparing for the Next Team Game.

Free Team Diagnostic Tool

If you would like to assess how effective your team is, we offer a free diagnostic to help you begin the process of improving your team’s performance. Click here for your FREE Stairway Team Diagnostic.For further information email us or call on 01628 526 535.



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