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Case Study: Stairway Helps Improve Individual’s Performance at Southern Housing Group


Southern Housing Group is one of south England’s largest housing associations with offices in London and across the South East. Stairway Consultancy has been working with individuals from Southern Housing for the past four years to help them to increase their personal effectiveness.

The Requirement

The organisation had undergone a restructuring programme. As a result new managers had been appointed to executive positions and managers who had been with the organisation some time had been required to work in different ways. During this period of change Stairway Consultancy were invited to develop and facilitate bespoke personal effectiveness interventions for members of the management team. The requirement was to help managers be more effective and efficient in their roles.

Personal Effectiveness Interventions

Stairway worked with the Learning and Development team of Southern Housing to identify managers’ key learning and development needs. Stairway designed a series of personal effectiveness interventions using a blended learning approach.

The interventions included Executive Coaching for managers new to roles in a senior position. The coaching sessions began with a psychometric diagnostic of individual strengths and development areas, a discussion with the coachee’s line manager and where appropriate 360 degree feedback or feedback from customers and key stakeholders.

Stairway also designed and delivered successful workshop sessions on topic areas which had been identified as performance gaps. These included such topics as Influencing and Negotiation Skills, Effective Selection and Interviewing and Your Career Going Forward. Many of these interventions included pre-work and assignments, workshops, e-learning and on-line assessments to help reinforce the key messages.

Stairway also ran a series of successful lunchtime sessions and Masterclasses in topic areas such as:

• Innovative thinking and problem solving
• Spotting and developing talent
• Motivation Matters
• Energising and inspiring others
• Courageous conversations
• Emotional intelligence at work

Stairway helped managers create personal development plans with actions that could be readily applied in the workplace to bring about improvement in performance.


Managers have become more effective as a result of the learning and development interventions they have participated in. This is reflected in the feedback results, the results of 360 feedback as well as organisational performance. Stairway has continued to work with individual managers on an on-going basis to ensure improvement actions are embedded.

For more information about how The Stairway Consultancy can help individuals in your organisation improve their personal effectiveness, contact or call 01628 526535.

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