Publications on Personal Effectiveness, Talent Management and Learning and Development


Publications on Personal Effectiveness, Talent Management and Learning and Development

Personal effectiveness

You can access the articles we have had published on the topic of personal effectiveness by clicking on the relevant links below.

We have published a wide range of articles for managers such as Listen and Learn  and Ensuring Continuing Team Effectiveness. You will also find articles around the topics of performance management such as The Performance Management Cycle and Accentuate the Positive, as well the Appraisal Interview. We offer potential advice on dealing with difficult situations in Constructive Conflict Management.

Talent Management

The publication TJ (Training Journal) has run a series of articles that we have written on the topic of talent management. These include a general overview of the topic: Talent Management as well as articles on Talent Management Identification and Talent Management Implementation. We have also written advice on developing talent from an L&D perspective in Talent Management Key Questions for Learning and Development.

Other articles we have written around talent management include:  Keeping the Best: employee retention in a service environment and Providing the Basis for Identifying and Nurturing Talent.

Learning and development

The Stairway Consultancy has published a wide number of books and articles on the topic of learning and development. We believe that L & D professionals have a key role to play in an organisation.  See How L & D can Step up to be Strategic.These include Learning Needs Analysis, Designing Questions to Help Establish Daily Needs and Distributing LNA Questionnaires, Analysing and Communicating the Results

We have also practical advice on Learning needs Analysis in such articles as and Using Reflective Practice as part of Learning Needs Analysis as well as topics such as the Development of Senior Managers and Developing Senior Managers. Linking Learning Needs Analysis to Business Needs, Planning the Timing of your LNA and ensuring your LNA runs to plan.

If you are preparing a LNA proposal the articles Preparing a Learning Needs Analysis Project and Selecting the Best Techniques to Identify Learning and Development Needs will be helpful.  There are practical tools and techniques in the articles The Role of the Appraisal Interview in LNA, The Use of Focus Groups in Learning Needs Analysis, Understanding an Analysis of Skills, Knowledge and Behaviour to Define Learning Needs and Using Technical Tests and One to One Interviews to Analyse Performance Gaps.

You will find useful resources for trainers in the A-Z of Training and Development. We have also written a large number of useful questionnaires and inventories to help HR and learning & Development professionals, you can purchase from our Training Shop, such as Compendium of Learning and Development Quizzes and Compendium of Questionnaires Volumes 1 & 2.

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