Personal Effectiveness Training


Personal Effectiveness Training

The Personal Effectiveness training programmes we design are bespoke to each organisation and participants’ individual development needs.

We place great emphasis on individuals taking personal responsibility for their own development. The personal development activities we design and deliver centre on work-place assignments, 360 degree feedback, facilitated workshops, action learning groups, one to one coaching, e-learning and the development and review of personal action plans.

Here is a selection of the personal effectiveness training we deliver and which we can tailor to your organisation:

Self Awareness

We often begin a programme of personal effectiveness development by increasing individual’s self awareness of their own impact on others. We run workshops such as Understanding Personal Preferences with Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help individuals understand their own strengths and development areas.

Personal impact and influence

We have wide experience of delivering workshops to help people improve their personal impact and influence skills via training such as Maximising your Impact and Influencing Skills. We also help people increase their confidence and assertiveness skills by delivering training in Developing Self Confidence & Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills. We help managers increase their ability to manage ambiguity via our workshop: Developing Resilience in the Workplace. Here is an introductory article on Resilience at Work.


High impact communication skills

As people progress throughout an organisation, their ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing becomes more critical to success. We run courses in Effective Communication Skills. We also provide hands-on experience and coaching in Presenting with Impact and Managing and Leading Meetings.

We are NLP practitioners and provide training in Using NLP for Business Excellence. We help individuals improve their written skills via topics such as High Impact Tender Writing Skills and Report Writing Skills.

Emotional intelligence

Major parts of our work in personal effectiveness centres on helping individuals develop their emotional intelligence. This is the ability to understand our own emotions and to also recognise those of others and to use this knowledge to develop successful relationships. We run training in Emotional Intelligence at Work which helps people to do this.

Dealing with difficult situations

We provide results-orientated training in how to deal with difficult situations that can occur in the workplace. This includes Conflict & Mediation Skills and Negotiation Skills. We also help people better understand the influences and dynamics in the workplace via training in Political Intelligence at Work. We encourage individuals to solve problems in a creative and effective manner via training in Creative Problem Solving.

Organisational Skills

Being better organised leads to greater efficiency and effectiveness. We help individuals improve their Time Management & Organisation and Maximising their Time, alleviate the symptoms of pressure and stress via courses such as Stress Management.

We also offer Administration Skills Training and courses in Effective Minute Taking.

We provide training for managers and team members in Project Management Skills.

Business Skills

We have a wide experience of helping individuals to improve their business awareness.  Our courses in business skills inclue Finance for Non-financial Managers and Marketing for Non-marketeers.

Career management

Stairway helps individuals plan and manage their career. We run training workshops in Successful Career Management to help people to do this.

Our expert facilitator team use a blended approach to these topics to ensure that we appeal to all learning styles.  We can tailor these courses to you individual needs.

In addition we offer one to one career coaching.

For further information email us or call on 01628 526535.

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