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Commercial Awareness.We provide tailor-made leadership development training courses aimed at senior, middle and first line leaders and managers.

The leadership programmes we design are bespoke to each organisation, strongly linked to its vision, strategy and values and include both behavioural and skills development.

We place great emphasis on individuals taking personal responsibility for their own development. The leadership development activities we design and deliver use a blended learning approach to appeal to all learning styles. This includes on work-place assignments, 360 degree feedback, facilitated workshops, action learning groups, one to one coaching, webinairs, e-learning and the development and review of personal action plans.

Here is a selection of some of the training we have recently delivered and which we can tailor to your organisation:

Leading Self

PBeing an effective leaderart of being an effective leader is increasing one’s own self-awareness. We design and deliver training for leaders that help them better understand their own preferences for example: Understanding personal preferences using Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). We also help leaders recognise the importance of developing emotional connections with others via training such as Emotional intelligence at work. The Stairway training course Spiritual intelligence at work helps individuals identify their core purpose and set of values.

We also help leaders to better manage ambiguity via our workshop: Developing Resilience in the Workplace

An effective leader also needs to have presence and communicate and influence effectively. Via Stairway training such as Presenting with impact and Influencing skills we offer one to one coaching and feedback to improve personal impact and influence. We also offer courses to help leaders recognise and adapt to the political landscape at work (Political intelligence at work) and influence others to maximum effect: Using NLP for business excellence.

Leading the Team

Creating a high performing team takes time and commitment. At Stairway we find that developing leaders’ team building skills is an essential investment. We train leaders in team development skills via courses such as Building a high performance team. We also use a wide range of team psychometric diagnostics to build awareness of team member’s preferences such as Using PRISM team dynamics to develop high performance teams and Using Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) to develop high performing teams.

Leading Individuals

Our training encompasses helping leaders to get the best from individuals via courses such as Coaching to improve performance and Mentoring skills. We train leaders in performance management techniques including Effective feedback skills. We help leaders to create a positive climate at work via interventions such as Delegation & empowerment and Motivating others.

Leading the Business

Stairway has wide experience of helping individuals to increase their business awareness and Managing change effectively. We specialise in helping leaders to create a strong customer focus within their organisation via programmes such as Service Leadership. We also design and deliver bespoke, practical programmes to enhance Commercial Awareness.

New Leaders

We also have extensive experience of developing individuals who are new to leadership Introduction to leadership.

For more information on how we can help your organisation develop its leadership capability, please email us or telephone 01628 526535

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