HR/Learning and Development Consultancy


HR/Learning and development consultancy

We have over twenty years' experience in the area of HR, Learning and Development and Consultancy. We offer professional advice, one to one coaching and workshops in the following areas:

Performance management

We train Managers, HR, Learning and Development professionals and Consultants in topics such as performance management. This covers areas such as Effective feedback skills and Coaching to improve performance. We also run courses in Counselling skills at work and Mentoring skills. We also offer courses to staff in Preparing for Appraisals and Preparing for Selection and Interview.

We provide training to HR professionals in Effective Recruitment and Selection as well as such topics as Introduction to employment law and Understanding diversity at work.

Increasingly we offer training and advice in areas such as Handling disciplinary & grievance situations, Dealing with difficult situations and Conflict and mediation skills.

Learning and development

At Stairway we work with a wide range of trainers to improve how they design and deliver learning and development interventions. At the start of the learning and development process we run training in Conducting a learning needs analysis. We deliver courses in Designing effective training interventions and Delivering high impact training sessions. We also have experience in helping organisations Evaluate the impact of training.

We work with individuals, managers, trainers, consultants and facilitators to help them use Accelerated learning techniques, to improve their Facilitation skills and to communicate effectively via courses such as Presenting with impact and Using NLP for business excellence. We also run workshops on Using Drama inTraining.

Consultancy skills

We train a wide number of individuals to develop consultancy skills, both in an in-house environment. See our Consultancy skills course for more details.

Our courses are designed to ensure that both you and your organisation get the maximum return on investment. All of our courses are delivered by a team of highly qualified, experienced and specialist trainers. They share cutting edge experience in the field in which they train and exemplary presentation skills.

For further information email us or call on 01628 526535.


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