Emotional Intelligence Workshop


This course aims to help you build better relationships with your customers, colleagues and team members through enhancing your emotional intelligence

Who should attend?

All those wishing to explore new ways of developing effective interpersonal relationships with customers, team members and colleagues at work


By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

• Describe the cause and effect of emotions
• Identify how social success is influenced by the ability to manage emotional states
• Utilise emotional intelligence and related skills to achieve specific goals

Course Overview:

• Understanding emotional intelligence
• Increasing awareness of your own emotions and feelings
• Recognising and understanding other people's emotions
• Creating strong interpersonal relationships
• How to manage one's internal states, impulses and resources
• Managing stress 
• Dealing with change
• Techniques to boost optimism and happiness

Style of the Course:

The course is highly active and participative. During the workshop participants undertake the Bar-on EQI assessment of emotional intelligence and receive a one to one debrief on the results. The day consists of activities, exercises and discussions to help them put what they learn into practice

We can run this course for you in-company at favourable rates for 4 or more people. Please contact us on 01628 526535 or email us.