Customer Experience Training


Customer Experience Training

We offer a wide range of customer experience training programmes. All our training is tailored to the specific organisation, is highly interactive and uses a blended learning approach. Our team of experienced consultants and facilitators have worked extensively with internal and external service providers, managers and leaders to help improve their customer experience skills, attitudes and behaviours.

Front line and support staff customer experience training

Our training includes front line development of skills, attitudes and behaviours via such programmes such as Customer Experience on the Telephone and Delivering excellent Customer Experience Face to Face. We have wide experience of improving individuals’ communication skills via training such as Effective Communication Skills - Customer Experience .

At more advanced levels we run programmes on Understanding Customer Types and Emotional Intelligence in Customer Experience.

We also help support staff develop their written communication skills Effective business writing - Customer Experience. In addition we deliver Institute of Customer Experience First Impressions courses.

Handling Difficult Situations, Complaint Handling and Mediation Skills

Invariably things go wrong in organisations. We provide a comprehensive range of complaint handling training. We have wide experience of delivering training in topics such as Dealing with difficult situations in Customer Experience and Handling complaints Effectively in Customer Experience. Increasingly we also deliver Mediation Skills Training.

Customer Experience and Sales Training

We work with Business Development functions to deliver training such as Customer Experience Relationship Management and Customer Experience and Selling Skills.

Management Training in Customer Experience

We believe that managers are the key to delivering excellent service. We run a number of training interventions for managers such as Delivering Excellent Customer Experience Through People and Service Leadership. We help managers in Setting Customer Experience Standards & Customer Experience Level Agreements.

We also design and deliver training around culture change and customer experience such as Managing Change Effectively in Customer Experience.

Customer Experience Improvement Training

For managers and businesses who wish to implement service improvements, we hold courses in topics such as Measuring Customer Experience Satisfaction and Arranging and Running a Successful Customer Focus Group. Both these courses encourage managers to make the voice of the customer more vocal in their organisation. We also run training in Benchmarking Tools and Techniques for Customer Experience and Creative problem solving in Customer Experience.

Customer Experience Forums and Study Tours

We organise and facilitate Customer Experience Forums and Study Tours for a wide range of organisations in the service sector. These hekp share best practice and new ideas around customer experience.

For further information on Stairway customer experience training and development email us or call on 01628 526 535. The Stairway Consultancy can also design tailor made customer experience training and activities to suit your specific needs.

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