Customer Experience Measurement


Measuring customer satisfaction and retention is an essential means of monitoring the effectiveness of an organisation's customer experience delivery.

We provide clients with guidance on how best to measure customer experience both internally as well as externally and to monitor progress and set improvement targets.

External Customer Surveys

We have extensive experience in designing and administering customer surveys via telephone, postal and online questionnaires, face to face interviews and customer focus groups.

Our research team can undertake customer satisfaction audits on your behalf. We can also advise you of the best methodologies and approaches to take.

We also provide training to employees in how to run customer focus groups and design and administer customer surveys.

Internal Customer Experience Quality Measures

Internal customer surveys, internal customer focus groups and employee attitude surveys provide valuable information on the culture and climate of an organisation. They are an essential tool in identifying and monitoring employee commitment.  Used regularly, they not only identify where change is needed, but also how well this is being implemented.

At The Stairway Consultancy we:

• Run internal customer focus groups
• Devise and administer employee attitude surveys and other internal service quality surveys
• Analyse and interpret the results
• Provide training to the people within the organisation who are responsible for implementing the desired changes.

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