Brand Alignment, Vision and Values for Customer Experience


Increasingly organisations recognise that it is employees who deliver the brand promise.  What they say and do has a lasting effect on customer perception, customer retention and loyalty.

At Stairway we work with organisations to create and implement brand alignment programmes.  The aim of brand alignment is to ensure that the behaviours of employees epitomise the brand promise.

The starting place for brand alignment programmes is often the creation of an organisational vision and a set of brand values.

We work with senior managers as well as a 'slice' of the organisation to develop an inspirational organisational vision and set of values.  We use feedback from customers and employees to describe an organisation's vision: 'where we want to be'.  and its values: 'what we stand for'.

Once vision and values have been established we facilitate the agreement of a set of behaviours that bring each value to life.  These behaviours are applicable to all employees and align them to the brand.


Next we work collaboratively to introduce the brand behaviours into the organisation via such methods as competency frameworks, selection and recruitment criteria, performance management and training and development interventions.

We place particular emphasis on helping leaders throughout the organisation align their behaviours to the espoused organisational values. See Leadership Development which describes our approach.

Finally we suggest means of measuring brand alignment through measures such as employee and customer surveys and 360 degree feedback for leaders.

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