Team Diagnostic


Rate your Team Effectiveness

Team members should individually complete this audit as fully as possible. For each question, tick one of three columns according to your judgement of team effectiveness. For each question, note additional comments. At the end make notes on what actions you and the team should take as a result of the questions, either to further strengthen strong points, or to improve weaker areas.
Be prepared to discuss your comments in the team.

Tick the appropriate column:

1. Excellent
2. Good
3. More Work Needed

Clarity & relevance of Mission

Are they relevant to today and the future?
Is everyone  clear on the team?s goals?
Is the team committed to its goals?


How does your team handle pressures, for example internal from top management, and external from customers, competitors, financial and regulatory?
Has your team sufficient resources, facilities, coaching and development?
Is teamwork and cooperation encouraged across the organisation?
Are there conflicts of time and priorities?


Are team roles defined and complementary?
Are some roles overloaded, or some under-loaded?
Are team members accountable for their results?

Skills and Abilities

Do team members have sufficient:
• business skills, including technical skills
• emotional/relationship skills,
• political skills
• clarity of purpose

Do you recruit and continue to develop these skills?

Are your team leader's competencies well-developed?

Does your team leader maintain focus?

Is your team leader relationship orientated?

Atmosphere and Climate

How supportive is the atmosphere within the team?
When mistakes occur, are they dealt with in a ?no blame ? fashion?
Are there over-dominating personalities?
Is there a positive ?can do? climate?
Are opinions and emotion freely expressed?

Values and Beliefs

Does your team hold common values?
Are your team?s top priorities clear and understood?
Is your team committed to putting these priorities into action?

Team Cohesion

Does your team membership have continuity or are there frequent changes of personnel?
Are all relevant functions represented?
Do you 'stick together' and support team decisions?
How does your team handle conflict? Do they ignore, suppress or deal openly with it?


Are you are aware of the diversity in your team?
Is diversity encouraged and positively managed?

Processes and Communication

What team performance review methods do you employ? How much two-way discussion is there?
Are your team working methods fit for purpose?
How are communications with other teams?
How well are goals and decisions communicated between team members?
Are the team recognition and rewards,
fnancial and non-financial, still relevant?

Response to Change

How flexible and responsive is your team to change?
Does your team have the freedom and opportunity to test out new ideas?
Do you anticipate and plan ahead for changes, and how they will affect the team?

Leadership and Decision Making

How well is your team led and managed?
Mostly, does your team make sound decisions?
Are team members involved in key decisions?
How strong are the core competencies of your team leader?
How effective are the styles of communication of your team leader?
How well do your leaders set and communicate objectives?

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