Customer Experience in a Recession Podcast


Customer Experience in a Recession

There is not a country or an organisation in the world which does not appear to be impacted in some way by the recession. In these difficult times consumers have a choice about where they spend their money.Those organisations that provide excellent an customer experience are more likely to not only retain their customers but to attract new ones. So how do you do this in times of recession? In this podcast Stairway provide practical advice on how to encourage your people to deliver outstanding levels of customer experience in a recession.

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"Over the years The Stairway Consultancy has become a key partner to our business. Their services have proved an invaluable tool in taking individuals forward in their careers and thus developing the organisation. Their approach to working in partnership has certainly helped us to achieve our objectives, and we value the contribution Stairway makes to the business. I always look forward to working with their professional, open and warm consultants, and would highly recommend The Stairway Consultancy to any business that is seeking to grow, inspire and develop their teams."

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