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Talent Management Implementation

In the third and last of this series of articles on talent management, we will look at practical issues of implementing talent management.In today's recessionary environment it is easy to take the short-term view and not focus on investing for the more

Talent Management: Key Questions for Learning and Development

Organisations are increasingly putting emphasis on talent management as a means of delivering long term competitive advantage through their people. In a recent survey by Cranfield School of Management 60 per cent of businesses said talent more

The Appraisal Interview

The appraisal interview plays an important role in providing the manager and the organisation an understanding of an individual's learning needs. In this article Sarah Cook looks at how this method can be used to create better awareness of learning more

The Performance Management Cycle

Sarah Cook and Steve Macaulay discuss the need for an integrated approach to performance appraisal and the reward and recognition of employees, which makes customer focused behaviour central to individual and organisational performance.The aim of more

The Role of the Appraisal Interview in Learning Needs Analysis

The appraisal interview plays an important role in providing the manager and the organisation an understanding of an individual?s learning needs. In this article Sarah Cook looks at how this method can be used to create better awareness of learning more

The Use of Focus Groups in Learning Needs Analysis

Qualitative methods such as Focus Groups are a useful starting point for any learning needs analysis. They provide the organisation with views and opinions about the learning and development needs of a cross-section of employees. These can then be more

The WIFI Engagement Survey

Please indicate your agreement on a scale of one to ten to the following questions where 1 and 2 indicates disagree very strongly through to 9 or 10 indicating your very strong agreement. There are no right or wrongs, your honest opinions more

Training Make-over, Make-over Ideas for Trainers

This section provides a practical tool-kit for trainers on ways to regenerate and refresh current training programmes, much in the same way as a house can be given a make-over.It is intended for development professionals who already know their more

Twenty Ways to Recognise and Reward Service Excellence

A workforce, which is wholeheartedly and enthusiastically supporting the goals of the organisation, has been a key aim of managers since industrial and commercial organisations began.  Today, that quest is even more important to the modern service more

Understanding Organisational Culture

Interest in organisational culture began in the early '80s when management gurus such as Tom Peters began to focus on culture as a differentiator of successful organisations.  In the past twenty-odd years interest in culture has increased as case more

Undertaking an Analysis of Skills, Knowledge & Behaviours to Define Learning Needs

There will be occasions when the HR or training professional is invited to provide professional guidance on the learning and development needs of professionals or teams.  Often this involves identifying the skills, experience, knowledge and more

Unplanned Absences and Employee Engagement

The annual cost of unplanned absenteeism is estimated to run to between £10 and £12 billion in the UK. In this article the authors investigate the potential causes of unplanned absences and outline what organisations can do to prevent these and more

Using Emotional Intelligence to Serve the Customer

As customers we recognise good or bad service as soon as we receive it. As service providers, however, we are frequently in practice in danger of failing to recognise the sensitivities and needs of the customer. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the more

Using Facilitator Skills When Running a Team Event

What are facilitator skills? Why are they important when you run a team development game or activity?In this short article Sarah Cook explains how facilitators can help the trainer when running team events.'Facilitator' comes from the French word ' more

Using Reflective Practice as part of Learning Needs Analysis

Reflective practice is a technique that is growing in popularity. It serves as a useful method to identify learning and development needs.  In the last of this series on Learning Needs Analysis Sarah Cook discusses:• What is reflective practice?• more

Using Technical Tests & One to One Interviews to Analyse Performance Gaps

Effective learning needs analysis (LNA) plays an essential role in ensuring that the training and development solutions offered to individuals, teams and across the organisation are relevant, timely and effective. In the 9th of 12 articles, Sarah more

Developing a Powerful Vision

When researchers look at successful organizations there is one thing they frequently find in common: a compelling vision of the future and a set of organizational values that underpin this.  In this article the author looks at:• Why vision and more

What to do if a Team Game Goes Wrong

As much as the trainer prepares for the smooth running of a game or activity, there unfortunately are times when activities go wrong.  In this short article Sarah Cook examines the main reasons for this and provides practical advice on what to do more

What's Happened to My Bonus?

Maintaining a motivating atmosphere may have just become much harder. Where bonus pay may be closely tied to sales growth, 'What's happened to my bonus'? is an employee question which, in the downturn, poses a particular dilemma for those more

X-Ray your Organization: How to Conduct a Customer Centric Health Check

In today's competitive marketplaces businesses that survive and grow are those who are truly customer-focused. How healthy is your organisation? If you were able to take an X-ray or a scan to your organisation, what would you find? Weak or broken more

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