Complaint handling training


In the past two years we have successfully trained over 10,000 people in complaint handling skills. This has included helping individuals to view complaints as an opportunity to put things right, to welcome complaints and to demonstrate a positive attitude and approach to complaint handling.

Front line and support staff complaint handling training

We train front-line and support staff in the behaviours needed to handle complaints empathetically and efficiently. This includes dealing with complaints face to face, in writing and on the telephone. To see the typical content of a complaint handling training workshop, click on Handling Customer Complaints Effectively. We tailor all our training to the client organisation so case studies, exercises, individual and group work are all related to the customers and context in which participants work.

Managers and leaders complaint handling training

We also train managers and leaders in how to manage the complaint handling process, ensuring that the process makes it easy for customers to complain and that complaints are dealt with swiftly and effectively. See also Delivering Excellent Customer Service Through People and Service Leadership.

Specialist complaint handling training

We train specialist complaint handling teams in root cause analysis, action planning, continuous improvement and influencing techniques. We also run Mediation Skills Training for complaint handlers who need to resolve complex or escalated complaints, see Mediation Skills Training. We run knowledge sharing groups and forums to share and learn from best practice in complaint handling.

Complaint handling Train the Trainer

We also train and accredit trainers and facilitators in complaint handling training as well as designing custom-made interventions.

Training and competence in a regulatory environment

Much of our work has been conducted in a regulatory environment where we are well-versed with the need to accurately record all complaints and treat customers fairly. For example, we have successfully helped firms such as Coutts & Co, Ulster Bank, Natwest and RBS to improve the way they manage complaints and arrive at a fair outcome.

Our approach to complaint handling training

The learning and development that we provide in complaint handling and customer service training adopts a blended approach to appeal to all learning styles. It includes tailor-made e-learning and m-learning, training workshops, on-line assessments, webinairs and DVDs. 

For more information on how Stairway can provide tailor-made solutions to your complaint handling training needs, contact or call us on 01628 526535.

What customers look for when they complain: Latest Stairway research

At Stairway we have conducted extensive research on what customers look for when they complain. For more information on Stairway complaint handling research, contact or call us on 01628 526535.

Complaint Management Excellence

Complaint Management Excellence provides practical advice, tools and techniques for managers to adopt when managing any complaints that come into their organisation. In order to arrive at a culture where complaints are welcomed, the underlying values, processes, structure, strategy and people within an organisation all need to be aligned with, and respect, customer needs. Not only does this improve the long-terms prospects for the company itself, but can have a tremendous knock-on effect in terms of boosting employee morale and engagement.

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