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Brief description of activity:

Teams are required to share the information they have been given in order to answer the questions on their briefing sheet. They need to collaborate and share all the information otherwise the team cannot arrive at the right answers. 15 minutes into the activity the teams are faced with changing information given to them by the facilitator, which they need to feed into their current plan. They are then given a further 10 minutes to complete the activity.

A great acitivity for teams who want to improve their communication, assertiveness, influencing skills, decision making, time management and ability to manage change.

Content of this instant download pack:

Trainer’s notes

Activity Instructions for the team

Debrief sheet


  • Communicate information so that everyone has a clear understanding of its meaning.
  • Create a process to make sense of disparate pieces of information and arrive at a team decision.
  • Listen clearly to all members of their team when they are sharing information.
  • Manage time to reach the output they need.
  • Manage the team members’ reactions to change
  • Introduce the activity by reading out the briefing sheet and the questions that the teams need to answer
  • Interrupt the groups after 15 minutes and give them additional information and questions
  • Observe the team as they complete the activity
  • Debrief the activity using the debrief sheet as a guide
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