Foreign Exchange

  • image description50-60 minutes
  • image description8-32 people
  • image description £85.00
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Brief Description of Activity

During this enjoyable activity teams represent a number of remote tribes in a country that is about to be invaded by a foreign power. A new currency will be introduced to the country. Teams have to work together to trade information and currency in order to maximise their funds when the exchange takes place. They have 30 minutes before the exchange. After this time delegates then take part in a debrief to discuss key learning points from the exercise.

 Foreign Exchange is a team activity that requires participants to co-operate and communicate effectively across teams. To be successful teams need to recognise that they are working towards a common goal.

Contents of this instant download pack:

Facilitator’s Briefing

Activity Instructions for each team

Additional Information sheet for the facilitator

Exchange sheet Debrief sheet

  • Communicate effectively across the team
  • Influence others with a positive impact
  • Co-operate with other teams towards a common goal
  • Introduce the activity by issuing the briefing sheet, currency and information to the different teams
  • Observe the team as they complete the task
  • Debrief the activity using the debrief sheet as a guide
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