Developing resilience in the workplace


In today’s world, managing ambiguity and an increased workload with fewer resources is common practice.

This requires all of us to manage our energy in a way that prevents us from feeling stressed, pressurised or even overwhelmed at times. Developing our emotional and mental resilience will help us to ensure that our quantity and quality of energy is being used in the most effective way – a way that allows us to operate at optimum performance regardless of what might be happening around us.

Our ‘Developing Resilience’ workshop will allow you to:

• Understand how your thoughts and emotions profoundly impact the way you think and behave
• Identify the situations that ‘highjack’ your energy and prevent you from operating at optimum performance
• Practice techniques that help you to create and maintain a state of optimum performance so that you are able to think more clearly and make better decisions
• Take responsibility for the situation you are in and the relationships you have created
• Use your energy to address what you can control and influence
• Identify the specific areas in your life through the use of a diagnostic, which you can change to increase your resilience
• Use techniques that will increase your confidence so you feel more resilient in challenging situations

Style of the Course:

• The course is highly active and participative. During the workshop participants undertake activities, exercises and discussions to help them put what they learn into practice.

Course Length:

• One Day Workshop 09.00 to 17.00 with an hour for lunch.

We can run this course for you in-company at favourable rates for 4 or more people. Please contact us on 01628 526535 or email us

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"Over the years The Stairway Consultancy has become a key partner to our business. Their services have proved an invaluable tool in taking individuals forward in their careers and thus developing the organisation. Their approach to working in partnership has certainly helped us to achieve our objectives, and we value the contribution Stairway makes to the business. I always look forward to working with their professional, open and warm consultants, and would highly recommend The Stairway Consultancy to any business that is seeking to grow, inspire and develop their teams."

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