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Session Shakers

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Session Shakers is packed with 50 innovative energisers and icebreakers to help your people learn. Short bursts of fun get learning messages across in a memorable and stimulating way. And participants return to the main training session revitalised and ready to learn more. Add variety to syndicate work by incorporating these fun and practical energisers and icebreakers into your learning mix.

Each activity takes between 5 and 20 minutes. They're great for starting off a training session, for reviving flagging concentration and for illustrating key learning messages in a memorable way.

Process applications include:

  • Awakening competitive instincts
  • Building trust
  • Dealing with group-thinking
  • Defusing difficult situations
  • Examining team roles
  • Examining team support structures
  • Facilitating feedback
  • Group cohesion
  • Managing conflict
  • Relieving tension

Session Shakers offers new training ideas, ready to use and perfect for demonstrating key learning points - quickly and effectively.

Author: Sarah Cook
Publishers: Fenman
Price: £189 including carriage