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Best of Energisers and Pace Changers

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Energisers and pacechangers are essential craft tools for the trainer. Effective mastery of these tools helps distinguish between a novice and a more seasoned operator.

Energisers revitalise jaded and weary participants, allowing them to use their minds and bodies in a different way, and thence to return to the programme refreshed and more receptive to learning.

Pacechangers may either speed up or slow down the tempo of the session. As with energisers, they allow a smooth transition between activities of different types and styles. The 100 activities in Best of Energisers and Pacechangers are a collection of top exercises from nine Fenman resources, providing a comprehensive and valuable resource of tried and tested materials.

The activities are diverse in nature and reflect the different philosophies of their authors. They have been chosen for their different types of appeal and their appropriateness across a wide range of training situations. All the activities are very simple to run, and most require no handouts or specialist props, so they can be used anytime or anywhere even if you hadn't planned for one, just browse through the contents page either in the pack or on the CD-ROM. You will be excited by the choice and the ideas of when and where to use them will just start to flow.

Publisher: Fenman

Price: £189 including carriage