Training for Empowerment

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The move towards empowerment is probably the most important development in current management practice.

But experience confirms that the full benefits will accrue only to organisations prepared to invest in the necessary training.

Sarah Cook's new resource manual provides material designed to help trainers to run programmes not only for the newly empowered, but also - and crucially - for the managers who are asked to operate in a radically different environment. Training for Empowerment comprises 22 workshops, each containing a variety of activities, from questionnaire-based discussions to role plays and projects. All the workshops, include objectives and a step-by-step guide for trainers, together with participants' hand-outs and OHP masters in ready-to-copy form. In addition there is an annotated review of "sources and resources" and suggestions for constructing one-, two- and three-day programmes.

Price: £104 including carriage