Emotional Intelligence

Raising Self-Awareness

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Raising Self-Awareness via EQ diagnostic and telephone one-to-one coaching debrief and personal action planning.

We propose that all members of the team undertake a confidential Emotional Intelligence self-awareness diagnostic. The Bar-On Emotional Intelligence diagnostic is a well validated indicator of emotional intelligence and improves self-awareness in the following five areas:

• Self perception

• Self expression

• Interpersonal skills

• Decision making

• Stress management.

The output of these components gives a comprehensive overview for each individual to help them increase their awareness on how to develop effective relationships, manage and adapt to change. Each team member would undertake the assessment on-line. We would then produce a confidential report which benchmarks the emotional intelligence of each person against their age, gender and profession. We would hold a one hour one-to-one telephone coaching session with each team member about their report. The output of this session would be the development of a personal action plan for each person, outlining what they need to develop, how and by when.

For further information on how we can help develop your Emotional Intelligence please email us or call on 01628 526 535.