Customer Service

Service Leadership

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This pack provides a series of tools for service leaders to create an environment where people want to give of their best.

The pack includes modules on:

  • Exploring the importance of leadership as well as management in a customer service environment.
  • Looking at the behaviours that leaders demonstrate in world class service businesses. It allows participants to rate themselves against these behaviours.
  • Increasing participants’ awareness of the impact their behaviour has on others in creating a customer service environment where people give of their best.
  • Learning how to create an inspiring vision for their team members in the future, how to identify blockages to achieving this and gain commitment to how these can be overcome.
  • Reinforcing the importance of service leaders defining the expectations for their people and the positive impact this has on delivering both the individual and organisation’s objectives.
  • How to encourage leaders in the organisation to adopt the best practice in delivering feedback to their team. This helps encourage a climate where team members want to give of their best to customers.
  • Defining how empowerment helps create a customer focus. It encourages participants to identify what it feels like to be in an environment that is empowered or not empowered. It allows participants to identify the actions they need to take to create an empowered environment.
  • The skills of motivation. How to encourage service leaders to be able to create an environment where individuals want to give of their best to serve the customers.